The Journey

August 10th to 17th, 2019


Day 1- August 10th, 2019


We will meet at 2PM in Cusco.

We will then transport you to Pisac, arrival around 3PM in the Sacred Valley for the start of our journey.

After checking into your rooms we will have our pilgrimage introduction meeting from 4PM to 6PM where you will be able to meet your guides (Miguel & Guillaume). We will present the journey, and talk about the Pilgrimage hike, plant medicine work and prayer work.

We will then have a dinner at 6.30PM.

Next we will meet at 7.30PM until 9.30PM for a Shamanic Breathwork session.


Day 2 - August 11th, 2019

DSC_8648 copy.jpg

Breakfast at 9AM

We will then meet from 10AM to 12PM for Meditation and Sananga Plant Medicine Ceremony.

Lunch 12PM - 1.30PM

3PM to 5PM we will meet for a Rapeh (Hapeh) Shamanic Medicine Ceremony.

Dinner (7PM - 8PM)

8.30PM - 9.30PM We will have a prayer gathering and intention setting for the Pilgrimage


Day 3 - August 12th, 2019


Day 1 of the Pilgrimage, Opening Prayer Door to the East

1st Huachuma / San Pedro Ceremony

Early in the morning we take our car from Pisac that will drive us to Tinke.

From there we begin our pilgrimage to Upis we will arrive after 5 hours approximately to enjoy a bath in their hot springs and eat an energizer meal.

At Upis we will spent the night camping in the Aussangate.


Day 4 - August 13th, 2019

31061479_10156405468978474_6807259062326001664_n (1).jpg

Day 2 of the Pilgrimage, Opening Prayer Door to the West

2nd Huachuma / San Pedro Ceremony

From Upis we begin an ascent to the first pass (4,850 m / 15,912 Feet).

From here we will enjoy a beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks, we will continue down the corridor past a number of multi-colored lakes until we reach the biggest of them lake Viñococha were we will put our camp for the night.


Day 5 - August 14th, 2019


Day 3 of the Pilgrimage, Opening Prayer Door to the North

3rd Huachuma / San Pedro Ceremony

In the morning we make an ascent to our second pass (5,100 m / 16,732 feet.).

From here we walk down through the red valley arriving to Antapata were we will spend the night camping in the mountain.


Day 6 - August 15th, 2019


Day 4 of the Pilgrimage, Opening Prayer Door to the South

4th Huachuma / San Pedro Ceremony

In the morning we begin our walk to the rainbow mountain ( Apu Vincunca). We will do the ceremony all day with this Sacred Mountain.

From here we will walk some more hours to the place where our car will be waiting for us to drive us back to Pisac while we enjoy the beautiful views of the rolling Andes in our way back.

Arrival in the evening in Pisac


Sleeping in Pisac Hotel


Day 7 - August 16th, 2019


Breakfast at 9AM

Integration circle 10AM - 12PM

Free Lunch time in Pisac 1PM to 2PM

Free time in Pisac 2PM - 4PM

Rapeh Healing Ceremony - 4PM - 6PM

Dinner 7PM

Closing ceremony 8PM - 10PM (Medicine Optional)


Day 8 - August 17th, 2019


Breakfast at 9AM

Packing 10AM

Departure 11AM


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